Thousand Islands: An Elegant Canadian Retreat for the Elite Class

Niagara Falls Canada is the first thing that comes to the mind of most tourists when we talk about this North American country. There’s something else that is worth the visit. Most of us have heard about the famous Thousand Islands dressing, but very few know that it actually originated in the group of 1,846 islands that poke above the surface of the St. Lawrence River, which marks the international border between Canada and the US. The Thousand Islands region covers the territory in both these countries and is spread across a total of 50 miles and is incredibly remote.

In the 19th century, this incredibly unique landscape was considered as an elegant retreat for the elite class. Today, it is on the bucket list of many travelers who take all pains to venture down through small channels in paddle boats. The shorelines are not easily accessible and one has to navigate through the intricate network of islands.

Though reaching Mallorytown Landing or the heart-shaped island is not very easy, once you reach there, you are in for a hub of outdoor activities to keep you occupied in a fun way. There is no dearth of off-the-grid adventure here. You can plan you stay in one of the vacation rentals or resorts here and get to enjoy the actual experience of what this place has to offer.

Here are few things that should be on your itinerary when visiting Thousand Islands.

Thousand Islands National Park

It is Canada’s smallest national park that was founded in 1914 and spans in a total of 19 islands. Here you can enjoy staying in an otentik, which is a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin and is a unique offering here. The visitors can enjoy waterfront picnics, kayaking down the river, and much more. The other thing that you will love here is the solitude that the place offers.

Boat Ride

As these islands are spread across the St. Lawrence River, you can explore the area through a boat. There are kayaks, sailboats, canoes, and stand-up paddleboards available here, which you can rent out either on an hourly basis or for the full stay. You can explore the sections you want to at your leisure. If you are not in a mood to do any labor, then you can hire one with a navigator. He will do all the labor while you can sit and enjoy the scenery. Eat the famous dressing at its home: You must have eaten Thousand Islands dressing many times, but eating it in its native place is a totally different experience.

Thousand Islands Playhouse

Started in 1982, it brings theatre to life by drawing talent all across the US and Canada. It appears among the top live theatre experiences. Once there, you will simply blend into the intimate atmosphere and will be transformed into a completely different world by the classic plots and the professionally-crafted characters that are played here.

Plan your visit to this beautiful place on earth, which is a hiker’s haven, a boater’s paradise, and an adventurer’s retreat.

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